It’s in the Eyes

“Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in!”

Looking for a great way to accentuate your eyes?  I have always been a great fan of subtlety and not too much makeup, but I have to admit, I do LOVE to do the cat eyeliner!  It is something that can still be worn for work and professional environment, particularly if you don’t wear eye makeup that is too heavy.   The best way to create that look is by using a liquid liner (see some examples below).

If I were to pick 3 beauty supplies that I can’t live without it would have to be:  Lipstick, Eyeliner and Mascara (along with the Babe Lash that grows my eyelashes).  I have such fair eyebrows and lashes and even though they are long, I definitely need to add some Mascara and Liner to really make my eyes stand out!

I prefer to wear earth tones on my eyes, I feel like it  works really well with my Blue eyes.  I usually wear Black Eyeliner and Mascara because I prefer how they look, however, there are times when a little less is required, and then I choose light Copper and Brown liner.  For me the key is to not over-do it!  I prefer a more natural look – it definitely is more flattering for my skin type.

We don’t all have the same skin tones or types so whatever shades and techniques you have for wearing makeup, just make sure that they fit what you are wearing. If you are dressed more casually you probably don’t need as much makeup as you would if you were headed out to a party to special event.

Just like you need to dress appropriately, wearing the appropriate amount of makeup and choosing the right styles of application are just as important J

Accentuate your features – if you have beautiful eyes, then you will want to make sure you draw attention to those but not in a way that overwhelms them.

For the lips, choosing a color that compliments what you are wearing is always a rule of thumb for me…if I am wearing Browns or Neutral tones I tend to wear more Bronzes or Nudes. If I am feeling like wearing a bold lipstick, Reds are a great way to go – especially because there are so many different shades of Red that look amazing!



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