Is it Warm?

“You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be!”

I had the pleasure of spending the last week on Kauai with my husband, in the sun and sand, exploring, relaxing and enjoying each other and our lives!  Stay tuned for pics of that adventure to come…

With that being said, even though it is pretty warm here in Utah, I am feeling cooolddd!!  This post just sums up what I want to do right now…cuddle up in a cozy sweater and wait for spring to get here.  OK, so I know I’m being a wimp but it’s funny when you get used to warmer weather, suddenly everything any cooler that that is just COLD!

After a few more days I may feel a little more acclimated so I can start posting some pictures of more spring feeling outfits, because I have to say, I see a light at the end of the tunnel with no more inversion and sunshine on my mind!

Spring is probably the season I anticipate the most because I am so anxious for winter to be over. Not that I don’t love the scenery with the snow, I just get worn down by the cold…

I still love this sweater and I am going to have to find a excuse to wear it a few more times before spring finally does arrive. The whole over-sized sweater look for this winter is one that works for every body type – the point is to have it loose and just cozy looking. It is an easy look to recreate, but if you want to make sure the look is cozy yet polished you will want to make sure that your shoes fit the outfit. I am wearing higher heels, but you could get away with flats if they are not sloppy looking (see some examples of flats and other shoe options below you could choose from)

I know for a fact that even though the temperatures are warmer right now that we WILL have snow again here in Utah and I am going to have plenty more opportunities to be cozy and sit by the fire…

Stay warm my friends…


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