I like to call it Funk!

“Shoes are just a pedestal – what interests me is the power of the woman who wears them!”

I love finding shoes that are really unique and stand out.  In fact, I probably have a few more shoes than most people because I love them so much!

Anyone who knows me knows that shoes or pretty much any footwear are my favorite purchase because they are something that can always improve any outfit and therefore the most important element!

I am always on the lookout for unique styles and like to find shoes when I do my out of state shopping trips because I like it when I find a pair that I know not many people will have.  The boots that I am highlighting in this post are a pair that I got for Christmas (after sending the online link of where to purchase them) from my husband 🙂  The heel is really different and that is what made me love them so much.

I also find a lot of my shoes online and there are some websites that have some great styles – and if you are a real bargain shopper you can find great deals around this time of year…

Check out some of my amazing shoe picks below.

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