Get Ready for Spring


“Spring is when life’s alive in everything!”

We are not to the point where flowers are blooming, but I must admit I have seen some green in my garden and I am feeling optimistic. For me one of the greatest things about the changing seasons is that means there is also going to be a change in wardrobe…

I love being able to put away warm weather clothes and start to wear sandals, short sleeved tops and most importantly to not have to wear tights anymore!  Spring signifies a new beginning, the new leaves, the new flowers and it also gives me the chance to be a “new me” – or at least a me that looks “new” with different clothes.

Today’s post is throwback to last spring when I was loving this Red flamenco style shirt with satin joggers and contrasting White ankle strap shoes.  Spring is definitely a time where any color goes, where you can put together an outfit using just about any color and it will look fabulous – in fact the more colors the better 🙂

As the season changes take advantage of the opportunity to give yourself a makeover or just try some new things!  One of the things I love to do (because let’s be honest I am never going to stop loving to shop), I clean out my closet – giving it a good old spring clean so that I have room to buy new shoes and clothes.  It serves two purposes – one, it allows me to donate my clothes to those who need them and two, I get have new things for myself.

Check out some similar styles to these by clicking on the links below…


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