Finding something Unique


“I’m not weird, I’m limited edition!”

Shopping can be a very tiring and unproductive experience if you don’t know what you are looking for or where to go.  That’s why I like to find ideas online by browsing various websites to get ideas, and also if something really catches my eye, I buy it.  There is nothing worse than needing an outfit and not knowing where to begin.  Whether it’s for a formal event like a wedding or some other special occasion, for work or for a trip, you don’t want to leave things to the last minute when you are shopping because that will lead to you buying something you are not 100% certain about and you won’t feel great or confident when you are wearing it.  I have actually found that it is better to have more than one thing than having nothing at all (after all, most stores have great return policies).

The blouse I am featuring in this post is one that I bought at because I loved how unique the pattern of the fabric was, but also because I liked the style.  The collar is really different which is why I had to buy it.

Pairing it with the faux leather pants and Gold tipped booties and matching belt was a great outfit that would work for going out to dinner, a concert or just lunch with friends.  Blouses are great things to add to an outfit to make them a little more dressy than if you are wearing a T-shirt.

If you are looking for some great online shopping deals for blouses and booties you can click on the links below – they are some of my current picks.


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