White with Black Leather

“Beauty comes the moment you decide to be yourself!”

Today’s post is a throwback to a shoot I did in the Fall because I wanted to talk about wearing White pants in Winter, and how it works so well with Black Leather.

Obviously on a snow day you wouldn’t want to try and venture out wearing mules or open backed shoes, wearing White is definitely something that looks fabulous even in Winter.  It is something that has become more and more popular over the years, and while I don’t see a lot of business wear in White, there are always White or Winter White styles in casual wear that look fabulous.

I always find it fun to add something a little different to my look, and the combination of this Leather top with the White pants is classy but also unique.  It is an outfit that can be worn for business or for going out…it fits my unique style, so could you adapt it to your style?

Perhaps your body type suits pants that are a little less form fitting, or you prefer to wear a silk blouse with a Leather jacket, or you don’t really like Leather at all…whatever your unique style preference you can create it using some great White pants!

I prefer to wear contrasting colors, but   White pants can look amazing with a Warmer colored White Blouse, Beige or even another earth tone such as Tan.

Nervous to wear White pants? Yes, you have to pay attention to what you eat at lunch, yes you probably want to make sure you are not going to be walking in the rain and getting splashes up your legs, but, if you have an amazingly beautiful Winter day where you know you can risk wearing them, I feel like the payoff is huge. They are unique, and not everybody is brave enough to try…which is why I love to do it sometimes just to keep my style fresh!

If you really feel like they are not for you, then don’t do it…you have to feel it otherwise you won’t be happy and confident all day!



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