Walk with Purpose


“When you think about quitting, think about why you started.”

As you head into 2017 what are you committed to doing?  Have you made resolutions, committed to changing things, or even set yourself up to accomplish certain things?  As you all know, achieving whatever you want to achieve requires effort not just thought, so what steps are you going to take?

I have committed that 2017 is going to be the best year for me in the following ways:

  1.  My family is going to feel my patience, love and appreciation – I will show my husband and all 4 of my boys how much I love them.  Now just to be clear, that doesn’t mean I’m not ever going to be impatient (that would just be setting myself up to fail), I am, however, going to only allow impatience in very short bursts, and even discipline my boys with love rather than anger.
  2. I am going to walk with purpose towards achieving my business and financial goals, which means I have already taken steps to moving myself in the direction of my goals (which I have set forth very clearly so there is no room for me to avoid or even quit if things get too hard).  I believe that my actions will get me to my goals…
  3. I now smile more and laugh at myself when I become too serious (I have been known to be a little too serious at times 😉 )
  4. Things that do not go right (or at least my original exception of what right should be), will no longer be a deterrent, in fact they will fuel my fire to continue to achieve what I want.

It is sometimes too easy to set New Years resolutions and not stick to them (like going to the gym or dieting), and eventually what happens is we just beat ourselves up for not doing what we know we really want to – mainly because it requires too much effort or it’s easier to not do it.

2017 can be amazing and be whatever you want, so walk with purpose and set yourself goals that you are afraid of – that way you really know that you are growing.

As I walk into 2017 – just like in these pictures, you can see, I don’t do it in a way that is meek or subdued, I have purpose, desire and resolve to reach my lofty goals because I know it will be worth the effort.

I am featuring these pictures, not just because of the outfit, but also because you can see just from my walk that I am determined…what could you do if you were determined to succeed and weren’t worried about failing or what anybody else had to say about it?  Give it some thought…I would love to hear about what you have in store for 2017.


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