Experiences are life…

“If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d be millionaires!”

Headed out to a wedding tonight for one of my oldest son’s best friends.  Where have the years gone that I am old enough that I could have a son that is married?  No way, I still feel like I am a teenager (which is really scary considering I have 4 sons)…

Time certainly goes by quickly so making the most of the time we have, is really important.  For some reason, and I have heard this over the years and I have noticed it now too, the older we get the faster time goes by.  With all of these acknowledgements, it is making me more and more determined to spend my time in pursuit of those things that make myself and my family happy.

The outfit is one that I have worn before, but for a wedding or party metallics are perfect and why not wear it again.  I am certainly not to the point where I have a closet so full that I only ever wear something once or twice.  Ok, I do have a larger than normal closet, but I am definitely not there yet.  What I do is find different combinations of outfits with those things I already have so that it could appear that I have more outfits than I actually do 🙂  Not a bad trick and something everyone can try – mix and match your “outfits” to create new ones – it’s almost like going shopping without spending the money.

Hope the rest of your weekend is amazing – I know mine will be!


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