Classy Leather

“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink!”

I have talked about how Leather is business appropriate if worn the right way!  Today’s post is an example of how Leather can look classy and sophisticated.

I added a pop of color with the blouse just so it wasn’t a plain outfit and I think the effect is striking.  The shoes are unique and finish off the outfit really well.

The length of the skirt is business appropriate, you need to be careful when picking out a Leather skirt for business that it is no shorter than almost knee length so that the outfit doesn’t look tacky.  The jacket is a great addition to the outfit as well – because it is shorter and boxy it doesn’t take away from the whole look.

The great thing about an outfit like this is it can be recreated and by switching out the top you can make the outfit look entirely different.

Have a great weekend!


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