Boots dress up your Casual

“Anyone that tries to bring you down is already below you!”

There are definitely days where you want to dress casual but not TOO casual!  If you add a pair of knee high or thigh high boots that is going to transform your look into something more Dressy, Sassy, Classy and Sophisticated.

I paired these great velvet boots with Faux Leather leggings and a bright Red lambswool sweater.  The boots are a statement enough but the sweater adds a little class too.

It can be intimidating to wear these kind of boots but if you are daring enough try something like this, I know you’ll love them!

I have lots of knee high boots but I have only ever had one pair of thigh high boots and they are not anything like as bold as these…so when I came across these amazing velvet boots I just knew I wanted to give them a try.  They can be worn with pants or leggings like I am showing today, or with a dress/skirt that I am going to highlight in another post!

Red is absolutely my favorite color and I always default to it whenever I want to pull together an amazing statement outfit!



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