Bold Patterns

“You were born to be real not to be perfect!”

Grey, cold days call for bold colors and patterns.  This amazing Lularoe skirt is so comfortable.  I love how the pattern is bold because it lets everyone know I am confident and not afraid to be different.

How bold are you?  Are you willing to try new things?  If the answer is yes, you should really reach out to my friend Jamey (@lularoepixie) for information on this style and others that she has available.  The skirt style is called “Cassie” and there are many different patterns available.

This is just one of the amazing pieces that she had, there are so many different outfits available – including dresses, different length skirts and an amazing vest that I will be featuring soon called “Joy”.

Yesterday’s outfit is a vast contrast to the one today, but that is what is great about clothes…you can be a different person and have a different style every day if you choose to! I love to alternate between bold, muted, monochrome, single color, etc. just to keep things fresh and unique. If you are someone that likes to stick to the same styles that’s OK – but maybe you could add some different styles. If you like to stick with specific styles, then perhaps try some different colors…

Whatever your preference, I just wanted you to know there are definitely options! You can express yourself the way YOU want to and that doesn’t have to be the same every day, trust me when I tell you, it will add some variety to your life if you change just the slightest thing, and we could all use a little change every once in a while!

Go and check out Jamey’s Instagram to find out which styles and colors she has available that would work for you!

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