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“When in doubt wear Red!”

There are a lot of different ways that you can make a statement when it comes,to your clothes. One of the easiest is to pick out a bold color that suits you and build an outfit around that.

Today’s outfit features me wearing a fabulous Warm Red blouse that I recently bought. The color in itself makes a statement but so does the style with the bow tie at the back and the unique cut and lines of the blouse.

Do you know which colors really suit you? That is the first step that you need to figure out, because not all colors look the same on everyone. My skin tones look best with warm colors, and yours may be different.

If you really want to figure this out for sure, you are going to need a friend or someone else that will be honest with you when you try on different colors. I know this may sound easy but I can tell you that most people prefer to not “hurt your feelings” by not being completely honest. What would you prefer- having someone tell you that a color doesn’t suit you in the store, or finding out after you have already bought something?

You can also experiment with clothes you have already or perhaps that your friends have so that when you go shopping you already have an idea of what you are looking for. However you decide to do it, to look your best stay with the colors that look best of you and you will find that you will feel better and also get more positive feedback from those around you. Who doesn’t love it when someone says that you look fabulous?

There is never a bad time to wear red, but winter and the holiday season you will definitely find more available in the stores, so if Red is your color, either put it on your Christmas list or do a little “you” shopping while there are lots of options available!



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