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“Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter.”

I have featured in some posts recently leather and faux leather skirts…and here is another look at one I posted earlier this week.  I wanted to highlight it again because I love the cut of the skirt and it is something that you don’t see very often.  Leather is very often shorter and tight, but this skirt works for many other figure types because it is looser fitting, and it is also more modest, without foregoing style.

I paired mine with a simple Grey leopard sweater and some block heel peep toe shoes.  If you are looking for a statement outfit, a skirt with a similar cut to this one would be a great way to be noticed.  I also think it would look amazing with some funky tights (perhaps fishnet or other similar knits), because the cut allows you to see some of your leg and they would be really noticeable.  You could also add some stiletto pumps, or even some block heel Velvet shoes (because mixing fabrics is something that can be really fun to do as well).

Looking for some great Holiday party ideas of things to wear, you can click the links below to find some of your own…

Just because it’s cold outside and you are really busy shopping etc for the Holiday season, doesn’t mean that you can’t find yourself an excuse to dress up and go out and show off your style.  Whether you are going to an Adult party, more kid friendly party, or just to dinner, there are so many ways you can look chic this Holiday season.  Wearing a simple dress is something you can do if you add a stylish leather or Fur coat over it.  Cold weather definitely does not mean your style needs to be “cold”!

Happy Weekend…



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