Black and Grey

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Wearing a cute Grey “bat wing” sweater with a touch of metallic, along with a pencil skirt and some cute Silver/Grey pumps.  Unfortunately it is now tights weather, and I pulled out a pair of Opaque Black tights just to get me through the day.  I have to say that sometimes I am colder sitting in my office than when I am out and about in my car for appointments.  It could be that the seat warmer in my car heats me through and I don’t have that at my desk 😉

I picked out a cute Green Cameo necklace because I felt like the sweater needed a little something with it’s V neck, and I think it really adds a little pop of color to a simple outfit.  The shoes are a pair I picked out recently on a business trip and they are super comfy (but not great for snow or ice because they have leather soles)…

I love the cut of the leather jacket because it is long enough to keep me warm as I run from appointment to appointment, but yet still looks put together enough to wear for business.  Winter styling doesn’t have to just be frumpy warm sweaters, you can still look pulled together with some more form fitting sweaters, along with a skirt and tights or some warm and cozy wool pants.  In fact, if you want to be really warm, you can grab yourself a sweater dress and wear it with some knee high boots.  Get adventurous with boots, tights and scarves to keep yourself warm without neglecting style.


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