A Winter Coat


“When a woman feels beautiful she has the power to change the world!”

There are a few things about Winter in Utah that I know for sure…it’s always going to be really cold, there WILL be snow and you are going to need a Winter coat!

A functional down coat is awesome and definitely necessary, but if I am looking to feel and look feminine, a great wool coat (with or without a fur collar) definitely does it for me.

What do you notice about the pictures?  Do I look happy, confident, feminine, classy or sophisticated?  If you can answer yes to any of those questions then you can start to discover that what we wear and how we present ourselves can definitely determine the energy we exude.  I am feeling sexy and feminine and it definitely is evident on my face…

If you want to recreate the same look and feeling here are some simple tips:

  1.  Only dress for yourself – don’t try to be someone or something you are not!
  2. Wear clothes that compliment your body type, coloring and personality.
  3. When you have found the outfits you love, walk with serious intention.
  4. Hold your head up – men are drawn to confidence and other women respect it!

It may sound simple, but honestly if you use these tools I know you will feel different, look different and others will pay attention to you in the only ways that are important.

Coat:  H&M    Pants: Bebe    Shoes:  Sam Edelman    Blouse:  Chicwish.com

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