Walk like you mean it!



“A lady walks in quiet confidence, never striving, chasing or clamoring for attention, and because of this, she gets it!”

When someone says “walk like you mean it” –  what does that mean to you? I am sure there are different interpretations but there is probably a common thread…purposeful, determined, confident, powerful and strong are just a few words that come to my mind!

How do YOU walk like you mean it?  When you walk into a room do people know you’re there or do you sneak in and hope no one sees you?  Do you “kind of” make an impression and hope the spotlight doesn’t stay on you?

Whatever you do doesn’t mean you’re wrong, but even if you increase your confidence and intensity just a little I promise people will notice and pay attention!

So what does this have to do with what do you wear?  Well, do certain things you wear make you feel better, cooler, more confident, happier?  If you use those feelings to change how you act – then you can pretty much accomplish whatever you put your mind to!

I have certain things I wear when I need to feel more powerful, certain things make me feel more feminine, so I use those things when I need to exude that kind of energy (which is dependent on who I am meeting and what I am doing).  The 2 outfits I am showing today are vastly different but the one thing they both have in common are that they made me feel confident and determined…(you can create the same results with outfits that make you feel this way!)

It always starts with the shoes, the ones highlighted in this blog are a pair I have had for a while but I wanted to show them because they truly are “no nonsense!”

Wear the clothes that say what you want people to hear and you will be surprised to see that people will treat you how to want to be treated!

Have a Happy Friday and wonderful weekend!


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