Sweater Weather

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“She realized that she is too pretty to act ugly, and too blessed to be stressed!”

Whether you are experiencing sweater weather yet or not where you live…we all know it’s coming!

The mornings here have been chilly but the afternoons are glorious.  The cardigan in this post is one of my favorites, I actually forgot that I had it (I had packed it away in my Winter closet).  I love a great surprise when I find something I wasn’t expecting to find.

Under the cardigan is a simple, fitted Black dress, so to add a little spice I chose my Wine colored booties.  This outfit is perfect for Work, a Meeting, or just for fun.  It’s simple yet eye-catching, and warm enough for those chilly mornings.  There are so many different choices of cardigans, some of which are more casual and some are more professional looking – here are some links for some similar cardigans that you can check out for yourself…

Get ready for the cold weather before it gets here and go check out the link before for some choices and many others that you can find if you just search Chunky Cardigans!


My Cardigan:  Michael Kors      Shades:  Stylequeenie (My Shop)       Booties:  Carlos
Dress:  H&M





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