Scarf Weather


“Style isn’t born, it’s groomed!”

Today is the first day that I broke out a warm winter scarf.  I have to say that I wasn’t so sad about cooler weather, at least not yet…check back with me in mid-January!

I also wore some tights for the first time this Fall season, and I had forgotten how much I love to wear fishnets and other funky, fun tights…

Sometimes putting together outfits in the Fall and Winter can be more about what is warm than what is stylish.  In my opinion you don’t need to forego one for the other – and you can make your outfits unique as well as warm!  Even something as simple as a plain Black dress with some statement tights is going to keep you warm AND make an impression.  You can also try wearing a simple outfit and add a funky scarf or some statement boots.  All these things allow you to be weather appropriate as well as unique and stylish.

So for now, especially since I really have no control of it anyway, I am going to embrace the cold weather and find my funk in other ways.  Stay tuned for some unique ways of putting together outfits using tights, accessories and boots – and I may even show you some other ways as well.

Check out the Shop the Blog links below for your opportunity to buy what I am wearing today!

Happy Thanksgiving week – what are you grateful for today?  Every day I like to think of one thing that really stands out to me, and today I am thankful for Love – for my friendships, my family and for those that have made me a stronger Woman!



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