Red and Black

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“You know a Woman means business when she puts on Red!”

I decided to treat myself yesterday with one of my favorite drinks from Starbucks – all the Holiday favorites are now being sold!  As I stopped in, a lady behind the counter complimented my Red Handbag as I put it on the counter to dig out my wallet.  She said that the reason she loved it so much was because it was such a bold red color and that it really stood out.

It made me think about this outfit so I decided to post a little about how Red can truly be an attention grabber, a statement color and a powerful way to present yourself.  The outfit is focused more towards being appropriate for business, but it has a bit of a twist…the leather details on the jacket and the faux leather skirt make it fun and sassy at the same time!

The top is one that I have had for a while and I actually purchased it from JC Penney in their Worthington collection (I featured some other great finds from JC Penney in my Exclusive Newsletter a few weeks ago – if you don’t already subscribe to this, you definitely should!)

If you are really looking to be bold, Red is my favorite color to use.  It is by far my favorite color – it makes me feel so different and confident when I wear it!  The thing about Red too is that even though a lot of people like Red, you don’t see very many people really wearing Red – at least not a lot of it.  They may wear a “pop” but not the entire outfit.  I say, especially at this time of year, be bold, be confident, put yourself out there and wear RED!!

Skirt:  Last year from Forever 21      Jacket:  Old      Blouse:  JC Penney (Worthington)    Shades:  Fendi

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