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“Boldly be a Pop of color in a Black and White World!”

Yesterday’s post showed only a sneak peak of the outfit that you can see in its entirety today!

Yes, the details are important, because the overall impression is what you want people to remember.  I have worn this Green faux leather skirt in other blog posts, so today I am styling it just a little different.  I picked out some Grey and Silver accents to make it just a little different from what I have worn before.  It is easy to fall back into the easy colors to wear with something like this – like Cream, White or Black – which is why I love this Grey and Silver combo.

The metallic look of the fitted T shirt along with the Sparkly pumps and Grey Watch, even down to the metallic Grey nail polish, make this outfit something to be remembered!

The skirt is one that you can purchase in My Shop (click here), and the T shirt is one that I found this summer at Forever 21.  The pumps were purchased on a shopping trip to NY…

I didn’t buy all these items at the same time, however, they work really well together.  I like to buy clothing when I find something that really stands out to me, rather than buying a whole outfit at one time.  It is a little harder to put together outfits this way if you are unsure about what will go with what, so initially if you want to try shopping like I do (which means you can probably find yourself some bargains), you may want to start by picking more conservative colors, patterns or styles, that way you will most likely have something you can wear them with at home already.

If you’re feeling a little more daring and you find something that really catches your eye (even if it’s online) make sure you buy it from a store that has a great return policy that way you can try it on with what you have at home and see if it REALLY is going to work for your unique style!

Happy Shopping!

Skirt:  Stylequeenie (My Shop)        T-Shirt:  Forever 21      Pumps:  Jessica Simpson  
Watch:  Michael Kors

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