Layering in Style

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“Talking about our problems is our addiction.  Break the habit.  Talk about your joys!”

If you are not already signed up for the exclusive Newsletter you really need to do that…some of the jackets shown above were sent out earlier this week, along with some others that are exclusive to this post.

I have a lot of friends that don’t like to shop, so if you fall into that category, this should be something that is a no brainer for you.  I will pick certain categories, trends and styles and post links for where you can shop for yourself.  It is a great way to get recommendations, ideas and for you to explore some of my favorite shopping sites.  Stay tuned because there will be much more to come!

This week for me has started off really well, I have felt positive and confident, which I know has affected the outcome of a lot of business that I have done already this week.  I am a firm believer in that whatever we focus on, that is what we get.  That can be a positive outcome or sometimes, if we are focused on things we don’t want – those things can truly come to fruition.  Here’s a challenge for you (who couldn’t use some better results in their life?)  As you find yourself thinking that something is too hard, you don’t have the energy or you are afraid of something happening so you focus on thinking about it, get up, put on your favorite music, dance for about 10 minutes and then see if you still feel the same way!  My guess, and I am not just saying this because I have actually done it, you will either have forgotten your negative thoughts, feel a new found focus or will somehow manage to problem solve the “big” challenge you had.

You may or may not believe in things like this – but let me ask you this “what do you have to lose?”  – are you already so successful, happy and confident that it isn’t worth even trying?

I don’t know about you but I am going to sing and dance my butt off because it’s much better than failing or quitting.

Have a great rest of your week…

Michelle ♥

  1. White Down Jacket
  2. Camo Casual Coat
  3. Grey Faux Suede Jacket
  4. Houndstooth Down Jacket
  5. Tan Faux Fur Jacket
  6. Sequin Embellished Bomber Jacket
  7. Wine Leather Moto Jacket
  8. Pink Boucle Coat
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