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“You want what you are wearing to say something about you!”

Wearing a pair of colors jeans that are perfect for the Fall.  I love bold colors and when you wear them with a cool leather jacket like in this post it makes  the jeans even cooler!

This bold Rust color is a color I associate with Fall, but it works for just about any other season.  Colored jeans can be found in so many different colors – Greens, Greys, Reds and yesterday I actually bought a pair of dusky Rose color…pretty much any color you can imagine you can find in stores right now.

Sometimes it’s nice to mix up your casual outfit with a pair of colored jeans.  They can be seen as a little more professional if you choose to wear them for work, more funky for a special occasion, or just a change that everyone needs every once in a while.

These pictures were taken in beautiful Miday, Utah.  It was right before a snow storm, and I could almost feel the electricity in the air…it is amazing to me how amazing nature can be!

Adding a leather jacket to any outfit (casual or not) is a great way to put the cherry on top of your outfit.  I always love how I feel when I am wearing a leather jacket – especially one as good looking as this one.

Jacket:  Zara    Colored Jeans:  H&M     Booties:  Report

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