“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!”

In one of my recent Newsletters I posted some pictures and links to some great chokers…so, today I wanted to show off one of mine!  There are so many different colors, metals and styles that are available, so you can find one that will work for just about any outfit.

I paired mine with a simple form fitting dress that has a high neck, which works for this style of choker.  There are some styles that you need to wear a low or V-neck shirt or top to show off your necklace, but mine today isn’t one of those!

I love how you can decide how much of this necklace you have as a choker and how much you can have hang.  It is very versatile and flattering, and I think it makes this dress a lot more fun.

If you are picking out a choker make sure that you buy either an adjustable one, or one that leaves room for it to not keep popping open.  Because we are so unique as individuals our neck sizes are so different so make sure you don’t pick one out that is either so uncomfortable that you feel like you are literally being choked all day, or one that keeps falling off because it pops open all the time.

The ankle booties and Black leather jacket make the outfit a little more edgy and not so conservative, which is something we all need every once in a while!

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Jacket:  Zara     Booties:  Vince Camuto     Dress:  H&M     Choker:  Forever 21    Shades:  Stylequeenie (My Shop)


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