Casual in Black

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“Life won’t sparkle unless you do!”

If you’re looking for a casual look with a little sparkle, today’s post shows you how to do just that.  With the holidays quickly approaching, finding sweaters with metallics is easy.  I like how this sweater is a little longer and just has highlights of sparkle rather than the whole sweater.  Not that there’s anything wrong with sparkle, but this is a little more understated so that it works for so many more occasions.

Longer sweaters that are looser around the waist are perfect for bodies with a thicker waist or problem areas around the tummy.  They look great when they hang looser, so make sure if you are picking out a sweater like this, either you try it on first if you are not 100% familiar with the size that will work for you, or plan on being able to return it if it is clinging in areas it shouldn’t  There is nothing worse than wearing a style that is made to be looser as tight fitting – if you are looking for something that is going to be form fitting, there are so many styles that are cut just that way so they are flattering in all the right areas.

My outfit was finished off by wearing some casual cut out jeans, block heel booties and a fabulous Hot Pink lipstick to pick out the Pink of the sweater.  I love adding Hot Pink lipstick, I see a lot more people wearing Reds at this time of year, which makes me want to be different 🙂

I have a harder time picking out casual clothes because I feel like I always need to be a little dressed up (that’s just how I was raised), so when I find something that can be worn in a dressy outfit but also works for casual wear, I know I’ve found a winner!



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