“They can imitate your style but they can’t imitate your creativity.”

So I kind of feel like a Beatnik today with my outfit and listening to some Beatles and The Doors…With that being said, I love the way I put this outfit together.   I had these Grey form fitting pants with a lace strip down the side, that I paired with a cute Turtleneck that I bought recently.  The Boots were a recent purchase as well, and the bag, of course is one of my own – I just had to use it because the outfit needed a pop of color (hit me up if you like it, I believe I have one left!)

I love wearing Turtle necks in the Fall and Winter – they are so versatile because they can be worn by themselves like I am in the outfit today, they can be worn under a Sweater or a Vest and they can totally change the look of a Dress by taking a simple sleeveless dress or pinafore and wearing a contrasting or same color different texture Turtle neck underneath.  I love taking a wool dress and adding a  Turtleneck in a satin style fabric or a long sleeved Turtleneck in fluffy wool underneath a nice satin sleeveless dress.  When you contrast textures like that it really accentuates what you are wearing and makes it stand out and be noticed!

Back to the outfit today, I wanted to wear something a little darker than yesterday and this fit the bill.  I like to alternate between different styles, colors and textures (just in case you haven’t noticed by now) and I definitely don’t like to follow any rules.  In fact, even though I look at fashion magazines I don’t use them as my Handbook, I prefer to incorporate ideas and then build on them and create my own spin…that’s what makes fashion and style so fun to me – it allows me to be me.

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Pants:  Old       Turtleneck:  H&M      Booties:  Report      Handbag:  Stylequeenie

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