Loose Fitting Cardigan

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“Be unpredictable, create the unexpected.”

Do you ever have one of those days where you just need to add a little something extra to your outfit – well Fall is the perfect time to do that.  There are so many options for adding layers in the Fall.  I particularly love that there are so many different styles.

I wore the cardigan in today’s post because the blouse I was wearing was loose and flowing and it wouldn’t have worked with a tight fitting jacket or cardigan.   Sometimes when you are adding layers you need to consider what you are wearing underneath.  If you don’t wear the right jacket or cardigan your layer underneath could bunch up, causing you to look frumpy.

I paired my cardigan with some tight fitting Navy cargo pants, and White blouse and some Teal pumps.  I added some earrings with a Teal tassel just to add another little pop of color – not that the shoes wouldn’t have worked without them, but I thought they looked cool.  I thought the Teal shoes really added something a  little different to this outfit and made it stand out.

Shoes are a great way to add that extra dimension to your outfit, but you have to make sure you are not afraid to wear bold styles, colors or patterns.  Of course, the first step comes when you buy a pair of shoes that is outside your comfort zone, so that when you are putting together an outfit like I did in this post, you have a pair of bold shoes to choose from.  I see so many people in the Fall just wearing your traditional Fall colors – sometimes I think it’s fun to add something unexpected.  I always say “what is the fun in being predictable?”

Cardigan:  Old (Worthington JC Penney)      Pants:  H&M      Shoes:  Jessica Simpson      Earrings:  World Market      Top:  Forever 21

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