An Easy Fall Look





“Dress to impress and never let them see you frown, because there are people that would kill to see you down.”

The look today is one that is really easy to recreate.  Basically the outfit is built around two things:  A leather Biker Jacket and a great pair of statement booties.

Under the jacket is a simple loose fitting Black T-shirt and the pants are Khahi Chino’s with turn-ups so they work well with the Booties.  You’ve seen this jacket of mine quite a bit (it works with so many different outfit combinations and I love using it to take a boring outfit and transforming into something special).  The Booties were a new purchase and I just loved the Bling details on the back and heels – they really are unique and really comfortable.

For me casual is just simple, and very often it gives me the chance to wear shoes or boots that have heels that are not as high as I would wear normally.  I err on the side of being a little more dressed up that casual, but I do love a great pair of jogger sweat pants, and baggy T-shirt with a pair of Converse or other pumps.

There are hardly any stores right now that are not carrying Women’s biker leather jackets, and these Booties were from a very unexpected place – link to purchase is below.  The Chino’s I bought last year and you can find something similar if you click below.

I had a day that went from working, to Halloween Carnival and then on to sneaking off to a great French Bakery here in town because I need something sweet and yummy as I watched the World Series Baseball Game.  It was a hectic day, but I did get a lot accomplished, so I guess you could say it was successful!

I have had some challenges over the past year and one thing it has taught me is that my attitude and how I handle things ABSOLUTELY determines the outcome.  Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive when it seems that everything is against you, but I can attest to the fact that if you believe in yourself, in what you do and who you are, that is going to be what gets you through because the more you do that the more others will see that in you!

I hope you have a great weekend and that if you love sports as much as I do, that your teams win and you get to relax as well…


Pants:  find similar here     Jacket:  Zara        Booties:  buy here      T-shirt:  H&M    

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