A Raincoat




“Every day may not been good, but there’s good in every day.”

Growing up in England we always had to be prepared by wearing a coat or jacket that was rainproof. I have always loved the look of traditional raincoats (or macs as we call them in England)…especially Burberry because I think they look so classy.

A jacket or a coat is a continuation of your outfit, so when you are wearing a business outfit, or just something classy, you want to make sure that your jacket follows the same vein. I have a large collection of coats and jackets because I really do like to incorporate them into my outfit and make sure that whatever I am wearing underneath matches my coat or jacket. I very rarely just throw something on because it’s cold – I usually have a master outfit plan!

The raincoat I am sharing in this post is one that my oldest son bought me for Christmas a few years ago, and I absolutely love it. I break it out on rainy days here in Utah and love how it makes me feel – even on a grey day!

My boys really do know me, and they always manage to find me things that I will love. It is great when you find out that your kids actually pay attention and care enough to notice things that you like. It kind of makes the whole mum thing really worthwhile! I break it out on rainy days here in Utah and love how it makes me feel – even on a grey day!

The weather in the Fall is very unpredictable, so planning ahead what you are going to wear requires a little more work. I always check the weather app on my phone so I know if I want wear pants, or if it’s time to break out the tights (I am definitely holding off on this one as long as possible!)

The pinstripe skirt and sweater combination is a great classy look for business, and because the sweater is longer I added a belt to accentuate the waist. When you are wearing a pencil skirt like this one, you definitely want to wear a slightly higher heel and pointed toes look the best.

Skirt: Forever 21     Sweater: Nordstrom Rack     Coat: Old (Bebe)     Shoes: Ted Baker

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