When in doubt, Wear Red!

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“There is a shade of Red for every woman!”

Red has always been my color – it empowers me, gives me confidence and makes me feel good. Red is an attention getter, so avoid wearing it if you feel nervous or want to avoid attention.

I wore it because I love how it makes me feel…I honestly feel more assertive and energetic – I have found that I actually have more personal power when I wear it. I know, that may sound weird, so maybe you could give it a try…

Use color to trigger certain emotions and feelings. Make sure that the colors you pick are ones that suit you and they project the message you are trying to – bear in mind that colors are also going to evoke certain feelings in those that you meet as well!

The outfit I am wearing is again simple, just a light great business pencil skirt, with this great Red Top (that has really unique sleeves), the shoes tie in the top and the ankle straps make them stand out even more. I wore simple Silver leaf earrings and no other accessories, because I didn’t think the outfit needed it.

Skirt: Target        Top: Forever 21           Shoes: Dollhouse

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