Still Wearing Sandals

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“I see bold accessories as a Woman’s armor!”

I am making the most of being able to wear sandals, a short sleeved T shirt and shades as we are quickly approaching Fall.  I do love Fall but I don’t love the prospect of the really cold weather coming.

The outfit that I am wearing today is a simple T shirt, I paired it with an amazing statement necklace (you can buy one similar by clicking here), and then a cute black skirt with some Grey suede sandals.  The look is really simple but it is noticeable and I had someone tell me I look Regal (I am pretty sure it was a compliment!)

Putting together an outfit like this is really simple, all you really need is a statement necklace and plain T shirt that you can pair with pants, jeans or a skirt.  I have noticed that sometimes I overthink an outfit and when I do it doesn’t ever end up being quite what I thought it would be.  I have become much more relaxed recently and have found that the less I worry about what others think and more about how I feel and what I want to wear, the happier I am.  I know it sounds simple, but a lot of times we can get caught up in worrying about what others think or even wear things that we think other people will accept more.

Have the confidence to make a statement with your outfit, enjoy yourself and be happy!  I promise if you do these things, you will feel much more confident and you’ll be amazed the things that will follow because of that!

Skirt:  Charlotte Russe     Sandals:  Vince Camuto     T Shirt:  H&M      Necklace:  (Similar here)      Shades:  Boutique in NY


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