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“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

I have been contemplating my life over this past weekend – considering the importance of family time and how that time is something you can never get back. We are fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with each other and I don’t regret one minute of that time.

It was a little disappointing that my oldest, Dalton, had to stay home this weekend to work…but we still had fun! We are working at making time more important than things, but in today’s world it is really hard to do. Our cabin had no TV, and very poor cellular coverage, and the lodge had poor Wifi, but the boys did still manage to use their screens more than I would have liked.  I obviously can remember before we had cell phones and certainly before the internet, but it is hard for my boys to realize that there are other things away from their games, and the movies/TV they can watch with their phones and iPads! The first few hours or first day is always the most difficult and it makes me realize that we are pretty addicted to our phones and the things they can do! Kind of scary if you think about it.

I was raised in a family where spending time on vacation was something that we never sacrificed! So it is something that Brandon and I have incorporated into our family life. Vacation doesn’t have to mean spending a million dollars, but what it does mean is that you take your family away and spend quality time making memories…and it can be done just about anywhere!

I realized and we headed back down to Salt Lake that although I loved the weekend, I am not quite ready to let the summer go yet. Thank goodness we will have a little more time before it really starts to get cold in Utah.

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