Keeping it Simple

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“Live up to your potential instead of trying to imitate someone else’s.”

I love wearing jeans with a simple, plain top and then adding some great accessories.  Jeans are so versatile, they can be either dressed up (like in this post) or totally dressed down.

I paired my jeans with a simple red blouse and some black clog shoes…then, just because I didn’t want it to look ordinary, I added some great big silver earrings and a long owl necklace.  The great thing about accessories like this is that there are so many different options and you can find whatever suits you the best.

I don’t get to wear jeans for work very often, so it was a great day for me.  I have told my bosses that I actually probably spend more on my jeans that I do some of my business clothes, and that they can still look classy enough to meet with clients – I haven’t got them to change their minds yet, but I will keep trying 🙂

I recently had my hair done, and I am loving the color and style…my stylist Jason Joy is amazing!  It’s amazing what a great hair day can do for you…that is why even when I cut my hair, I always seem to be growing it out again, just because there are so many more style options when you have longer hair!  I love to put mine up and it’s mainly because I don’t like to have the same style all the time…

Jeans:  Hudson (from Nordstrom)     Red Blouse:  The Limited     Clogs:  Sundance      Earrings:  Nordstrom     Necklace:  a gift

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