Embroidered Jacket

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“Don’t dress boring – life is too short to blend in!”

I have been having fun doing a little more shopping for the Stylequeenie Shop and the Jacket in this post is something I found and fell in love with.   I will be posting it For Sale later this week for those that are interested, and as usual, there are only very limited available.   It is a unique embroidered design – I have seen a lot of Asian look jackets, but this one I thought stood out and was just enough different so that you are not going to be seen in the same thing as other people.

I wore it myself (well you know, I had to test out my style and see how it felt to me…) and I loved it.  It was cool enough so that it could be worn on a warmer Fall day, but it also provided that extra layer for those days when you need a little more layering to your outfit.  I had a lot of compliments (which I have said is always a good thing, especially when they come from people you trust, because it means that you have done something right when picking out your outfit).

I paired my jacket with some Navy pants and high heeled ankle boots.  I added a plain Black blouse because I didn’t want to draw attention away from the jacket.   I picked out colors from the pants and top from those that were in the embroidery on the jacket – there were already so many different colors, I didn’t want to add any others.

My hair is just pulled up into a knot, and it was super easy and casual and worked for what I was doing.  If you do choose to wear a jacket or top that makes a statement like this one, make sure that the rest of your outfit is relatively plain so it doesn’t detract or add anything unnecessary to the outfit – that includes accessories.  I didn’t wear a necklace because the embroidery was enough the catch the eye – and the earrings were simple chains.  The shades had to be Black to complete the look.  In fact, my son Dalton asked me if I was in the movie Grease…I told him that I have always been a Pink Lady 🙂 – don’t you love it when your kids are cheeky like that?!

Jacket:  Stylequeenie (My Shop coming soon)         Pants:  Old Navy       Top:  Nordstrom        Booties:  BCBG       Shades:  Fendi

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