Little White Dress

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“Happiness is wearing a dress that makes you feel beautiful.”

I know you are familiar with the LBD or Little Black Dress, well, this post is featuring another great idea – the LWD or Little White Dress.

White is just as versatile as Black, and when it’s worn in the right kind of style for your body type, it can be just as flattering.  Yes Black is known to be slimming, but White also has great benefits – one of which is that in the summer it looks amazing with a tan, and in the winter it gives you the option to wear great, funky, statement tights or some amazing knee high boots.

The dress in this post is a really simple shift dress, but when I added the cut Tan sandals and the long necklace, it truly stands out.  If you are a simple person and prone to wearing neutrals, why don’t you try White in place of your typical Black or Grey…it’s a great alternative!

Other than looking great, wearing White can have other great benefits – it aids in mental clarity, enables fresh beginnings and encourages purification of thoughts or actions.  If you are looking to feel peace or calm, it most definitely comes from within you, however, that calmness can be inspired by your actions, your confidence and your ability to let things go.  White for me is a symbol of purity and as I sit here today wearing White, there have been things thrown my way to deal with that are hard, but I have managed to handle it!  I don’t think that wearing a color determines how you are going to be able to deal with a situation, but it can certainly start a thought process and that process leads to outcomes.

So, whether you believe in anything I have said or not, it has to be worth trying – even if it is just to look a little different and feel confident in yourself.

Have a great, peaceful and calm day!

Dress:  Forever 21      Sandals:  Kristen Cavalliari     Shades:  Boutique in NY     Necklace:  Nordstrom

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