A Dress for Business…

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“A successful Woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her!”

I love days when I find the perfect dress for my mood, and that fits perfectly for what I have to do that day…

The dress in this post is just that dress. I love the collar and belted waist along with the pinstripes make it look perfect for a professional setting. By adding the sandals I show that you can still be playful and fun and not take yourself too seriously.

Finding a great dress that can be worn for business but also dressed down a little is easier than you would think, shirt dresses are very often a go-to for me, I just love how easy they are!

Pinstripes are a pattern that is very often associated with conservative business attire. Many designers are now using it more and more in their fashions because it is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays it is not only shirts or men’s suits that are pinstriped – which is great news for Women!

I like any style that allows me to cross over from business to funky/casual.

If you are looking for a great business style, wearing something with pinstripes is a great way to go. Whether that be a blouse, pants, skirt, dress or even full suit, you will look amazing and most importantly convey a message of professionalism and confidence.


Dress: Calvin Klein     Sandals: Steve Madden       Shades: Kate Spade     Bangles: Kate Spade

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