Who can wear Leopard Print?

“Take a walk on the wild side.”

One of my “go to’s” has always been leopard print. Now with that being said, while animal prints are great, you definitely don’t want to over-do them!

Leopard print shoes, belt, scarf or accessories is a great way to accent a plain black, beige, red or yellow outfit – but it can also look great when you pair it with other colors that perhaps are not quite as expected (such as green, blue, orange or pink). The rule for me has always been to not wear more than one or two pieces of animal print with any outfit that I am wearing.

If you choose to wear 2 pieces, then make sure that even if the pattern of animal print doesn’t match, that the colors do!

The key here is not to over-think anything. Leopard or animal print can look amazing for everyone if it is done in a classy way.

If you choose to wear animal print clothing items, make sure that the fabric they are made of is not cheap and that they hang right. I have a number of tops, skirts and even some pants, but I am very picky about where I buy these from. Because Leopard print has been around for so long, a lot of stores carry clothing, but it is not always the best. I have found that it is better to search out a bargain sale item from a nicer store rather than buy a cheap piece at a lower end store!

The shoes in this post are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, in fact, I love them so much that I had a previous pair that I wore out so I had to buy another pair! It’s always fun when you can find a pair of shoes you love, especially when you can replace them with the same ones after they are worn out!

Shoes: BCBG

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