The Perfect Accessories



“Make it simple but significant.”

Along with the great shirt dress yesterday I wore some great accessories…so I wanted to put them in the spotlight a little more!

The earrings with the Teal tassels and the sunnies with the wooden front and patterned sides added a little dimension to the beige dress.m that I wore.

When you are accessorizing it is a great way to add your own unique personality to any outfit combo that you are wearing!  Even if you are someone that prefers to wear mostly black or darker colors, you can transform your outfit by adding accessories that are bold, colorful and unique.

Even though the outfit I was wearing didn’t have any Teal in it, the addition of the earrings was something that created a statement…it was definitely something that earned me lots of compliments which is always nice!

When you are picking out your accessories try to find pieces that say something about you and who you are.

Earrings:  Pier 1 (I have seen similar at World Market)   Sunglasses:  Tory Burch

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