Summer Fresh

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“Summer always ends with good memories.”

Looking fresh in the summer is important – especially when the days are really hot and can make your clothes look disheveled. Finding a skirt that is made of a thinner, wrinkle resistant fabric is a big deal. For me, as I am out and about running from appointment to appointment, getting in and out of my car, there is nothing worse than showing up somewhere looking like you forgot to press your clothes before you left in the morning.

This cute little skirt is a great fabric and allowed me to look fresh all day. The pinstripe box cut top is a great compliment along with the Teal pumps, the look is polished yet still fresh enough to be worn without looking wrinkled.

Finding pieces that fit this mold is sometimes hard – for long summer days, it is best to steer away from linen (even though it can be cool, it wrinkles far too easy). In fact, the best materials for long summer days of work or errands are actually man made materials or blends.

Adding a pair of shoes in a color that makes the outfit pop is very often my signature style, what’s yours?

Skirt: Banana Republic   Top: Kate Spade     Shoes: Jessica Simpson   Watch: Nixon

Bracelet: Juicy   Lips: NYX Cinannamon

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