Until we meet again NYC…

“New York City – these streets will make you feel brand new!”

Getting ready to board the plane to go home to all my boys…
It’s been an amazing weekend, with lots of amazing purchases and great food.
My feet are happy that the abundance of walking has come to an end! Manhattan has been explored via subway but sometimes it’s just easier to walk – until you are laying in bed and your feet and legs just throb from all the adventures.
One thing I love about shopping in big cities is that you never really know what you are going to find! Some trips I end up with lots of clothes, other times it’s shoes – not knowing what you are going to find is one of the most amazing parts of the adventure…
It’s a good thing that I wore a pair of comfy flats because, even though I prefer to wear at a least a little heel, it wouldn’t have worked for this trip.
Stay tuned for more details this week and some pics of some of my great finds…

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  1. […] This has been mentioned before but as much as you might love your heels, it’s best to choose flats for a trip to New York. There’s a lot of walking to do and three inch heels could be excruciating for your feet. Even a little heel will feel like a stone in your sole by the time you have walked all around Central Park. Of course, you can get a bike ride around this wonderful square of green in the centre of the city and there are even guided tours. Here, the person taking you around the park will tell you all you want to know about it such as where iconic scenes from films were shot. Interestingly, the famous opening from ‘Friends’ wasn’t filmed here at all, but that’s another story. […]

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