Retro Style

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.” – Oscar Wilde

I love to keep people guessing and sometimes put together an outfit that is a little retro and different.

I was in the mood to wear white pants, so I picked out this cool top that I have had for a while. The top really stands out because of the contrast in the pants.

I picked out a pair of red pumps to wear with it because the top had some red in it and it adds just one more dimension. The key when you are trying anything unexpected is to wear it with confidence. Very often, even if you are wearing something that not everyone will like, the way you walk, talk and present yourself will make others sit up and notice you…the power to impress is solely in your hands!

My goal is not to make you like everything I wear because taste is individual. It is for you to come to realization that style and confidence go hand in hand. Walk with your head held high even if you don’t feel it, you can trick others into thinking you do by how you behave.

Love yourself and the rest will follow!

Happy Monday…

Pants:  Worthington (JC Penney)  Top: My Own     Shoes: Sam Edelman

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