Classic Woman

“Be a girl with a mind.  A woman with attitude and a lady with class.”

Another purchase from my NY shopping trip is this great tunic. The cut is great for hiding problem tummy areas, yet it is extremely classy and sophisticated.

When you are wearing a tunic like this you want to wear tighter pants (that don’t have detail around the waistband, because you don’t want to have buttons, zippers or other details poking through the tunic)-  that would distract from the look. I paired mine with some tighter black pants and added some polka dot shoes that are eye catching.

The great thing about this top is that the fabric is not clingy and doesn’t accentuate my hips or stick to my pants as I am walking but rather hangs just perfectly.

This silver color is great for spring, and can be spiced up a little by adding different colored pants if you feel comfortable with really bold colors.

I think tunics look better with pants however, I have worn them before with longer pencil skirts (mid-calf are the best).

Tunic: Zara   Pants: H&M   Shoes: BCBG

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