Bold Patterns

“Freedom lies in being bold.”

I have many friends that have told me they prefer to stick to solid colors because they aren’t sure how to put together outfits using bold patterns or florals.

What I want you to know is that it actually isn’t as hard as you would think.  First things first, if you are just experimenting the best way to do this is by either going into a store that carries lots of different patterns and colors and try them all on (take a friend of course to make sure that you have some honest feedback), or you could borrow something from someone you know that wears the type of thing you are looking to try – that way you don’t have the expense if you are not 100% certain you like it.

Probably the easiest thing to start out wearing is a blouse or shirt – It isn’t as intimidating as wearing a skirt, pants or even a dress that is patterned.  Make sure that the pattern you pick out has colors that work well with you complexion – much as I hate to admit it, some colors just don’t work as well for me so I avoid them.

In this post today I wanted to show how a great patterned skirt can look amazing.  The skirt was something I picked up on my recent trip to NY.  I just loved the bold colors of orange, navy and cream.  I chose to wear it with a Navy top and then added some lighter blue pumps.  You will have to let me know what you think of the combination…

Skirt:  Century 21      Top:  Forever 21      Shoes:  Rock & Republic     Necklace:  Tory Burch     Bracelet:  Tory Burch

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