Warm Red Choices

For anyone who wears lipstick, finding the elusive Red that works best for you can sometimes be a challenge…

Tips for making sure you have the right Red Lipstick

  1. Make sure that you smile before applying the lip color, this way you stretch out your lips and the lipstick can get into all the creases.
  2. If you don’t feel like you are very proficient at applying lipstick using a tube, try a brush. This will help you have more control and also apply it in such a way that it will last longer.
  3. If you typically have dry lips try exfoliating and then apply a lip balm before applying red lipstick, which can accentuate dryness and lines. If your lips are always dry, choose a more emollient formula, like a cream lipstick or tinted balm.
  4. Lip stains are tricky, so I would steer away from these until you are more confident in your color choice and application.
  5. Finally, before you walk out the door, stick your pointer finger in your mouth and drag it out slowly to capture any excess pigment so it doesn’t end up on your teeth!

NYX Matte – Pure Red

Nars Velvet Matte – Dragon Girl

Maybelline – Red Revolution

Milani – Best Red

YSL – Le Rouge

Mac – Brave Red

Besame Cosmetics – Red Hot Red

NYX Matte – Perfect Red

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe – Classic Red

Bobbi Brown – Burnt Red

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    • Stylequeenie
      Stylequeenie says:

      I love red, but I don’t love it as a nail polish. That is just my personal preference – I prefer to wear a contrasting color to my outfits and tend to stick to darker colors in the winter (grey, dark brown, dark maroon, or even black). If you are looking for a color that is versatile and don’t want something so bold, there are some great neutral colors out right now – such as taupe, beige and nude – they are lovely. I like to choose those colors in the spring. I hope that helps you!


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