Holiday Makeover

“Makeup is self confidence applied directly to the face.”

I have always thought it is fun to sit and relax while someone else makes me look far better than I could ever make myself look.

The Holidays are a great excuse to go to a local Department store and experiment with different makeups.  People working there are always eager to want to show you how great you can look in THEIR makeup.

After I posted the finished product pictures yesterday, I wanted to show you a little slideshow of how the whole experience went for me.  It was great to feel pampered and then walk out of there feeling great about myself.

Another great reason to have someone else experiment on you with makeup is that they give you tips and ideas you may not have thought of before.  For example, I have seen lots of articles and tutorial videos (believe me, I have watched them) on how to apply highlights to your face so you can accent certain areas.  The problem for me has been that I still couldn’t figure out how to do it.  I wanted to try it, so I had Jason actually demonstrate on me how it would work for ME and then he told me how I could do it for myself.

If you are interested in trying something new and are uncertain about how to do that, just go to a department store’s local cosmetics department or a store like Sephora or Ulta and have someone show you how they would do it.  Bear in mind that at a lot of these stores they are going to want to sell you the line you are trying out, so just be prepared!

Makeup Artist:  Jason Joy (Joy Salon)     Makeup Line used:  NYX


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