Styling with Patterns

“Never fear standing out, being bold, being Phenomenal or being Just You!”

I have talked before about not being afraid of patterns. I love this great pair of pants that I just wore with a plain black sweater finished off with a metallic belt.  One good rule of thumb for wearing patterns is to not try to overdo it.  For example, I didn’t want my outfit to look too busy so I only wore the pants and then added a plain top.  You can always dress up the top with a cool accessory or belt.

I love wearing a bold pair of pants because it gives me a great sense of confidence! You can always tone down your pattern with a plain top so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.

If you don’t feel really like you could pull off wearing patterned pants, a skirt or dress, a great place to start is by wearing a patterned top.  

Go ahead – be BOLD!


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