Style in your Accessories

“Fashion is just another accessory for someone with Great Style” – Unknown

I am loving the styles right now – how everything doesn’t need to match.  It can give us all an opportunity to stand out even more.  I especially love choosing a purse that doesn’t “match” what I am wearing – one that really says “look at me”…

I found this purse while on a family trip to LA – but you could create a statement look with any purse that isn’t a traditional black, tan or grey.  I have even used this purse when I have been wearing a plaid shawl and colors that are not even close to those on the purse.  I have found that even when I choose to go really simple or traditional in my outfit, when I choose accessories, purses or shoes that stand out, it always manages add that wow factor.

This purse is not a name brand, however, I loved it so much that I had to have it.  I like to change out my purse quite often because I get bored with the same look, so if you are looking to be frugal, you don’t have to buy expensive brands to make you look good.

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