Dress for Success

“You can have anything you want if you dress for it” – Edith Head

It’s Monday and here we are again, ready for another week at work.  We spend more time working than we do at home, so it is very important to make sure that what you are wearing is something that makes you feel comfortable.

I am not a great morning person, so I always pick out what I am going to wear the night before.  It gives me more time in bed, and also makes me start the day by not feeling so stressed about picking out an outfit.

When I am choosing what I am going to wear I like to put my work wear together in different combinations.  Wearing a cute fitted sweater with a nice pair of tailored pants and a box jacket is a great look that is easy to recreate.  Not every piece of clothing you wear, for work or for casual wear, needs to cost a fortune.  I know a lot of magazines promote designer wear, which is great, but can be expensive and not realistic for everyone to buy.

The outfit shown here is an example of how you look classy without paying a fortune.

During the week I like to alternate the days when I wear skirts or dresses and pants so that I feel like I am not wearing the same kinds of clothes every day.

Pants:  The Limited     Sweater:  H&M     Jacket:  H&M

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