Women should mean Business


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

I very often see that when dressing for the office or for a professional work environment, a lot of Women don’t pay as much attention to what they are wearing as they probably should.

It is easy to stick to what you have done in the past and not try new things. Don’t fall into the rut of shopping at the same stores or the picking the same styles. Try something that is a little outside of your comfort zone – which could even be as simple as adding a pair of patterned tights along with a plain skirt.

We as women need to present ourselves as professional and confident. To do this, we need to modify what we are wearing when we are in different environments. What works in one situation or office culture may not be ideal in another…so you should get to know your audience.

Make sure you pay attention to how your clothes fit – don’t wear something that is too tight or short, or conversely pick something that makes you look frumpy because it is too baggy.

When you wear an outfit that fits you well, compliments your natural assets and makes you like what you see when you look in the mirror, you will walk with more confidence and make others notice you.

One final trap that you should try to avoid is getting too carried away following the fashion magazines or trends, because very often something they are saying is “in” would not be appropriate to wear to work.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have the latest trends, it just means that again you should know your audience and present yourself in a way that you will be taken seriously.




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  1. Susan Hansen Porter
    Susan Hansen Porter says:

    Michelle is the epitome of style, poise, and business fashion. Her ability to add flare, class and sophistication to anyone’s wardrobe situation is unmatched! She is someone I will be following in an effort to help with my own personal makeover!


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