Step into Fall in Style

“The style for Fall is a combination of dressed up sophistication and flair”  – Francine Crocker

As the weather changes so does your wardrobe.  It is one of my favorite times of year, when I can explore new layers and come up with stylish combinations.
As I have mentioned before, shoes are my real inspiration.  So, the story continues with boots and booties.  Add a great stylish pair of boots to an outfit to create a “wow” factor.

Fall is all about layering in style.  If you are unsure about the latest styles and whether they will work for your body type or not, stick to fall colors.  You can find a great rust, maroon or even mustard colored top or dress that you can pair with a great pair of shoes, boots or booties to help you step into Fall in Style!

My latest fun purchase were a great pair of blue booties – stay tuned, they will be featured in an upcoming blog.  You would be surprised what colors can go together and don’t be afraid to try out new combinations.

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  1. Joyce Hughes
    Joyce Hughes says:

    I didn’t know that I needed more than one pair of boots but now I see how different styles work with different outfits and activities. Thanks for the inspiration.


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