Boots are Made for Walking…

“Putting on Fierce Boots is an instant pick me-up” – Nina Garcia

Choosing a great pair of boots to wear can be easier than you think. They don’t have to match too closely to what you are wearing, but rather can be a contrast. In this post, I chose to match a grey pair of boots with a monochrome outfit

You can wear a skirt or dress that not only works with boots but also stilettos. As you can see by this outfit, both combinations work well – the shoes appear a little more dressy, but the boots work well and add a little different feel.

As the cooler weather is approaching, now is a good time to find the pair of boots that will work with your wardrobe. Or, if you are looking to create something different for the changing season, find a pair that are a little more risqué than you would normally pick.

Boots don’t have to be boring or just functional, they can also be a statement about who you are and make you feel good about yourself.



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